Set of powder candles and two glass jars "Create moments of happiness"

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Set of powder candles and two glass jars "Create moments of happiness"

The set includes a powder candle and two glass jars.


A powder candle is not an ordinary candle, it is a candle that will awaken your creativity, a candle that will never be the same as before. Candle powder is made from plant-based products, so it is safe to use, the candle does not emit toxic substances when burning. The solidified wax is covered with a wonderful crystal structure, so the candle will delight with its appearance not only when it is burning but also when it is extinguished. 


In the beautiful packaging of the product, you will find more than 500 gr. natural wax powder, which you can pour into any non-flammable container at home. Containers for this powder can be of various types, such as cups, bowls, vases, various other glass or ceramic containers. You will also find in the package 20 pieces of wicks that you will need to insert into the poured wax powder. The candle is ready, light it and enjoy the warmth, freshness and coziness.



  1. Pour the candle powder into a glass, ceramic or other non-flammable container.

The recommended width of the container for one wick is up to 8 cm, so the candle will burn beautifully and the edges will melt evenly.

  1. Pour the candle powder into the container. Insert the wick into the poured wax and leave it sticking out about 1 cm above the wax.

You can also use more knats in a larger container.

  1. Light the candle and enjoy the wonderful light and warmth of the candle.

Extinguishing the candle

To extinguish the candle, use a candle extinguisher or put a non-flammable lid on the container;
Do not blow out the candle as the candle powder may spill.

ATTENTION. The candle packaging is not suitable for burning a candle;

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