Scented palm wax candle "No.2.0"

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"Happy moments for a happy home"

Wax: Palm

Fragrance Composition: Honeysuckle, Snout, Oak.

Color: Honey brown

Burning time: 8cm - 30 hours. | 12cm - 43 hours | 16cm - 59 hours | 20cm - 86 hours

Natural wax, scented handmade candles, supplemented with natural scented oils. The amount of scented oils and natural wax in the candles allows the candles to smell for a very long time not only after lighting, but also when standing in the room. Candles are cast from special wax and at the right temperature, giving the surface of the candle an exceptional "frost" structure. 
Light up the coziness in your home with Candle Family...  



After lighting the candle for the first time - burn for 1 hour, put it out and let it cool down, cut the wick to 1 cm long and only then light it again.

Wax walls - remains dependent on the circumstances in which the candle is burned. Warmer - the walls are thinner, colder - thicker. So if the flame goes out, break the edges, and you can put the remaining wax back inside the candle. 

Hot wax - may leak, so place the candle on a safe surface. To prevent spilled wax from damaging the surface, use candlesticks or coasters. When burning candles for a long time, an excess of wax can form, which extinguishes the candle flame and melts the walls of the candle. If this happens, put out the candle, let the wax harden, and only then can you light it again. 

Knat - we use cotton. It is thicker, so sometimes the flame of the candle may start to "jump", dark smoke may appear, in this case, extinguish the candle and cut the wick so that it is 1 cm long. Light it up and keep enjoying.

Place - Protect the candle from direct sunlight and do not place the candle in hot rooms. If you burn candles next to each other, move them at least cm away. one from the other. It will burn safer and longer.


 - Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
 - Remove the label before burning the candle.
 - Wax may drip, protect surfaces.

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