Frankincense essential oil 10 ml

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Features (external use only): Reduces stress, relaxes, soothes, and improves mood.
Evaporation in humidifiers:
3-5 drops per 100ml tap water, 1-2 drops per 100ml of tap water for people who are more sensitive to odors.
Country of origin: UK

Instructions for use of essential oils
Essential oils are a highly concentrated substance that actively affects the body. Therefore, essential oils are used diluted in "base" oil. Pure essentials can irritate the skin and should not be applied directly to them.
Respiratory Test: If you do not feel discomfort when inhaled with pure essential oil or a mixture of these, the odor is pleasant and does not cause breathing spasms, i.e. y. cough, suffocation, this is the oil you can use.
Skin Test: 1 drop of essential oil 1 teaspoon. spoon of any vegetable oil and rub a small amount into the skin of the wrist. If within 15 - 40 min. will not show signs of skin irritation, so you can use this oil.

The high-quality essential oils sold by Candle Family are certified and extracted by natural cold pressing or distillation. Essential oils have many uses, but UAB Grafus (Candle Family) sells its essential oils for use in humidifiers. Other uses of essential oils are at the discretion of the consumer and the company is not responsible for any side effects.

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