Aroma card and spray set "WONDERFUL MOMENTS"

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In the kit you will find an aroma card and a spray with the same scent that you can use to inhale the aroma card, or use it as a freshener in the car interior or indoors.

Aromatic card "Wonderful Moments"
Smell: Pomegranates, plums, vetiver
Material: oak veneer
Smells up to: 4-5 weeks. 

USE: oak veneer aromatic card for indoor use, closet, car, etc.

Spray odor "Delicate"

Main notes: Pomegranate, Plum, Vetiver
Ingredients: a mixture of aromatic oils, water, ethanol, perfume.
Volume: 50 ml.

USE: spray in the car, bathroom, indoors.
DO NOT: spray on surfaces, on pets and their bearings, on
food and tissue. If it gets on the surface, wipe immediately
with a damp cloth.

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