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How long will my home scent last?

There are many factors that determine how long home scent oils last, including air conditioning, humidity, heating, draughts, direct sunlight, open and closed doors. Home scents can last up to 160 days (4 – 6 months).

What are home scents with sticks, and how do they work?

Home scents with sticks are currently extremely popular in home scents. They are very easy to use; the sticks are placed in a glass bottle containing fragrant oil, the sticks absorb the smell and exude a pleasant aroma around your home - easy! Unlike candles, home scents with sticks have no flame and do not require heat. They naturally emit aroma into the air. This makes home scents with sticks a more practical scent solution in some homes.

Can I add another scent to the tare and use the same sticks?

Once the sticks have been used for one scent, they cannot be used for another scent because the scent that is already absorbed into your sticks will mix with the new scent and can cause unwanted combinations of scents, so we do not recommend doing so. To change the scent without changing the packaging, CF offers to buy a home scent refill with a stick, where you will also find new sticks.

Can I re-use my home scent sticks?

We do not recommend the re-use of reed diffuser sticks, especially when you switch to a new fragrance and if the reeds become clogged with dust. If you have no scent after turning your sticks, they may be clogged and so you will need to replace the sticks to have the scent going again.

The smell of my house with sticks doesn’t smell as strongly as it used to, even though there is still a lot of oil in the bottle. What can I do?

You can try flipping the sticks, this simple rearrangement can help speed up the diffusion process a bit. But don’t turn them too often, because the more often you turn the sticks, the faster the oil will spread. You can also give the bottle a very gentle "swirl" or two, which can also help mix the oil ingredients and enhance the smell. If the tips above don’t help it could be that the sticks are clogged with dust. If you still have oil in the bottle and it seems that turning the sticks doesn’t help, consider replacing the sticks.

What are the different categories of candles and why should it matter to me?

Like us, before buying shoes to wear everyday, we consider quality and comfort, and when it comes to buying beach slippers, we just grab any pair because we don’t need them on a regular basis. The same goes for candles, there are different types of candles and each one is used for a different purpose. The burning time of shaped candles is maximum, it will not end quickly, even if you burn them regularly, the burning time of tealights is the shortest, they are the best choice when you want to create a romantic atmosphere at night with lots of candle light. Glass candles in a container are best if you do not have a special tray and want to place them directly on the surface of your choice, as there is no risk of leakage.

There are black smoke coming out of my scented candle? How should I fix this?

When you don’t shorten the wick before burning scented candles, it can start making soot. Always trim the wick to 1cm before lighting new or previously burned candles. If you want to burn candles for more than 2 hours, also extinguish the flame at 2-hour intervals, allow the candle to cool, shorten the wick to 1 cm and light it. Avoid drafts when burning candles, as candles can burn unevenly and smoke can occur.


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